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Liver Cleanse. A Feast. Not a Fast.

Welcome to the liver cleanse. I'm Dr. Soorya and I am so excited to bring you the Liver Cleanse online, so many more people can benefit. The Liver Cleanse is a Feast not a Fast! You get to enjoy eating 3 meals a day.  They are Vegan and Gluten-free, absolutely delicious, and you will achieve physical and emotional benefits.

It's a powerful approach for weight loss, to relieve yourself of pain and inflammation, improve your health, youthfulness, vitality, clarity of mind.  Plus you get to take responsibility for your own health.

The main role of the liver is to break down toxic substances. Bile produced in the liver helps to absorb, digest, and transport fat. Liver congestion and stagnation can lead to health problems like loss of energy and bloating. For people who consume large amounts of cholesterol (more than the liver needs) as well as processed foods, sugar, and alcohol - these can cause weight gain. The liver has control over the growth and functioning of every cell in the body. It is responsible for converting, distributing and maintaining the body's fuel supply.

When the liver works properly it helps to burn calories that otherwise turn to fat. Gallstones are often formed in the liver. When you clear the liver and gallbladder of all accumulated stones you will feel fantastic, younger, and full of renewed energy that helps to restore homeostasis, balance weight and set the preconditions for the body to heal itself. It is also one of the best precautions one can take to protect against future illnesses.

It's amazingly easy!  What I love about this liver cleanse is that it's an eating cleanse! A Fast not a Feast.

A feast. Not a Fast.

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Dr. Soorya

15 Chapters

Dr. Soorya teaches her signature 7-Day Liver Cleanse in 15 installments and 30 videos, sharing a lifetime of expertise in Positive Meals, Mind and Movement.
Liver Cleanse Class guide book

Class guide book

A downloadable guide book offers video recaps plus detailed daily recipes, breath meditations, tips and more supplemental wisdom.
Liver Cleanse Positive Movements

Positive Movements

Receive two special bonus videos: Low Impact Interval Yoga with Elizabeth and Mindful Movements Somatic Practice with Dr. Soorya.

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Dr. Soorya's
Liver Cleanse

Everything you need to experience Dr. Soorya's Liver Cleanse. Enjoy videos, recipes, affirmations, breath exercises, positive affirmations and useful daily tips. This is a one time fee! Never pay again!

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Enjoy everything included in the basic membership, plus one 30 minute phone conversation with Dr. Soorya for support and insight before, during, or after your cleanse. This is a one time fee! Never pay again!

Dr. Soorya's
Liver Cleanse

Enjoy everything included in the basic membership, plus a one hour phone conversation with Dr. Soorya for support and insight before, during, or after your cleanse. This is a one time fee! Never pay again!
The first 5 days of the liver cleanse are preparing you for the final 16 hours when you start releasing toxins along with the stones from the liver and gallbladder. This can be a time when emotions are stirred up and a good time to reach out for some love and support. Dr. Soorya offers insight on how to go through each phase of the cleanse. She lends her positive attitude, love, support, inspiration and encouragement to keep up through any challenging parts of the cleanse. Take advantage of the extended plans above!


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Will I lose weight with Dr. Soorya's Liver Cleanse?

If you follow the recipes provided people have reported losing 2.5 to 3 kgs (5-1/2 + pounds). The Liver Cleanse does not focus on weight loss but I like to call it the amazing side effect. Once the liver and gallbladder start to remove stones and sludge and have fewer obstacles for performing their very important functions, you can then begin to lose weight more easily.

Do stones hurt while coming out?

No they do not. The six days of drinking apple juice soften the stones and eating a simple diet allows for an easy exit. The Epsom salts open the bile ducts so the stones can easily be eliminated.

How will I know what the stones look like?

The stones come out separate from your stool. It feels like liquid when they are eliminating. They also float. They come in different shapes and sizes. The oldest ones are black. The stones also look like different shades of little peas or larger ones. They also can come out in clusters of small brown ones and separate larger ones.

If I do not eliminate stones, does that mean I don't have any?

There are some people who do not eliminate stones the first time. However, this is a very small percentage. It means that you are successful in the beginning process of softening and eliminating your stones. It indicates that you may be very impacted and you will need to do another one.

How many times can I do the Dr. Soorya Liver Cleanse and how often?

I personally have done three in one year. I have also had clients who wait a month and do it again with good results.

Can I do the Dr. Soorya Liver Cleanse while pregnant?

I suggest you do the Liver Cleanse before or after pregnancy.

Can I do the Liver Cleanse while Breast Feeding?

The Epsom salts would affect the milk and the taste. Once you stop breast-feeding then you can do the Liver Cleanse. I do not recommend doing the Liver Cleanse while breast-feeding.

Can I do the Liver Cleanse while menstruating?

The key here is to not be stressed out about doing the Liver Cleanse. Plan to do the Liver Cleanse before or after your cycle. If you start menstruating during the Liver Cleanse it is okay. Menstruating is also a cleansing.

I am diabetic and cannot tolerate drinking apple juice. Is there anything else I can take?

Yes. You can replace the apple juice with Malic Acid capsules. These can be purchased at a health food store or online.

I cannot tolerate drinking epsom salts. It causes me to throw up. Is there something to replace it?

Yes, you can take epsom salt capsules.

Can the Liver Cleanse help with a fatty liver?

The Liver Cleanse may begin the process to help with a fatty liver. Dietary changes for an extended period of time are necessary such as adhering to the food guidelines given with the Liver Cleanse to rid oneself completely of a fatty liver. It also requires healthy lifestyle choices.

Will I get hungry on the Liver Cleanse? Is there enough food?

There is plenty to eat and drink on the Liver Cleanse. The first day some of my male clients call me worried whether or not there will be enough food. Once they finished the day they found there was a sufficient amount of food.

Can I do heavy exercise or sports while doing the Liver Cleanse?

It is okay to do heavy exercise routines. Every person goes through his or her own personal journey and experiences different energy levels. Listen inside, to your body and do what you know is best for you.

Can I continue my supplements or medications while cleansing?

Since we are giving the liver a break from having to break down toxic substances it is advisable to stop all supplements and medications. However, check with your doctor before making the decision.

Can I drink Coffee or Tea during the Liver Cleanse?

No. We are giving our liver a well-deserved break from normal daily routines and activities. Caffeine has compounds that the liver generally works hard to remove and therefore if you continue to ingest caffeine it will lessen the overall effectiveness of the Liver Cleanse.

Remember, the Dr. Soorya Liver Cleanse is only one week out of your life. You can do it!

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What people are saying

Comments from a few of our many subscribers

"On the last day, I was so excited to see what would flush out. Although there were lots of physical results, the emotional and mental cleansing experience far outweighed all those little green pellets. I felt lighter, healthier, clearer and full of energy in the most grounding way. If you are feeling stagnant and ready for a lifestyle change, no matter how gentle or drastic, Dr. Soorya is the way to go. She truly is a gem."


"What impressed me most were the meals. They were just amazing! What I also really liked is how cooperataive and quick Dr. Soorya's response to queries. As long as we were dedicated, so was she!"

Jayatri Puri

"I had been suffering from allergies for the past two years that made my body itch... I didn't itch even once during the Liver Cleanse and after it my allergies disappeared. I am almost 98 percent fine and I haven't taken a single anti-allergy medicine since the cleanse. Thank you so much Dr. Soorya. Your Liver Cleanse did wonders for me."

Vandana Goel

"Soorya Kaur is a force of nature... Tireless and energetic she is pure proof of how much vitality is available on a vegan gluten free diet and healthy way of life. Within three days I was free of caffeine and raring to go. Soorya Kaur is a force of nature."

Stephanie Farrago, Maui, Hawaii

"What is wonderful about this cleanse is the fact that one does not get hungry... I was also super energized after the Liver Cleanse. My thoughts were clear and I had a positive attitude toward life. It can only be beneficial to do the Liver Cleanse especially with Dr. Soorya's guidance and expertise."

Sonya Jehan

"I do recommend this to everyone who has been through extended courses of medications because it really cleans you out. I have to say thanks to Soorya Kaur! "

Dr. Kirin Lohia Delhi 2017

"Surprisingly, my husband, a hard-core non-vegetarian and drinker, after seeing my results, immediately asked to join the Liver Cleanse. He successfully completed the cleanse, released many stones, and has become conscious of his eating habits."

Rupinder Kaur

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About Dr. Soorya

Dr. Soorya

"Over the span of one year, I did three rounds of my custom designed Liver Cleanse, and after completing the third one, I found I had the same energy I experienced in my 30s. It was an incredible experience because I was already in my 60s."

-Dr. Soorya

Welcome to the Liver Cleanse. I'm Dr. Soorya and I am so excited to be bringing you the amazing Liver Cleanse online for the first time. Through this medium more people globally can benefit.

At the age of sixteen I experienced my first detox cleanse. I was inspired by a book called "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" by Professor Arnold Ehert. Shortly after that I met a spiritual teacher and made a decision to dedicate my life to living a conscious healthy lifestyle with yoga, meditation, service and healthy simple eating.

I moved to India in the late 90s. During that time I studied and became a Doctor of Acupuncture. But I discovered my true passion was in teaching and coaching others on how to eat a healthier diet and live a healthier lifestyle. It was important to me to let people know that what we eat has a great deal to do with the illnesses that come to us, and adjusting our diets can help to cure disease.

In New Delhi, I began to offer raw food cleanses, then added various juice cleanses, and eventually I developed my version of the Liver Cleanse (originally drawn from the work of Andreas Moritz), utilizing a combination of raw and cooked meals. People who have done this Liver Cleanse have achieved amazing results largely due to the fact that they're able to enjoy delicious and satisfying foods.

Dr. Soorya is available to share her expertise in healthy living at your training or conference

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